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I am an artist who makes photographs, paintings, videos and public installations.

My work uses colour and beauty and to make society’s hidden spaces more visible. By visually transforming these spaces, I want to unravel the value systems that repress them and invite a more holistic acceptance of realities that Western society encourages us to avoid.

I currently live and work in Mparntwe on Arrernte Country (Central Australia).



2021   Artist's fresh take on our city, by Tegan Guthrie, Goldfields Lifestyle Mag

2018   Art Giving Purpose, Bupa Media

2018   Works on Paper Prize, by Mary O'Brian, The Age

2017   Shock Art, Episode 5, ABC i view

2017   Art in Emergency, by Matt Neal, The Standard

2015   Romantic Dead Chickens, by Robert Nelson, The Age

2014   We ♥ Abattoir, with Tom Maddocks, ABC Radio National
2014   Interview with Peter Singer, self-published

2014   Vegetarian in the Slaughterhouse, The Age

2014   Rebellion + Tomorrow, The Wheelers Centre
2013   White Anaesthesia, Art Swank, WMA FM, Castlemaine

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