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Video, sculpture + performance


Over a period of 18 months I tested various diets to produce a brightly-coloured stool in every colour of the rainbow.

My early experimentation resulted in a photographic series, that documents these many failed attempts.

Through consultation with my GP, I discovered ‘Liquibar’ : a liquid barium contrast drink that turns your shit pure white. Mixing Liquibar with paints and dye, I produced my rainbow.

The final outcome was video documentation of my process: swallowing; digesting and excreting different colours. I also created a series of sculptures using my brightly coloured faeces cast in clear resin with semi-precious gemstones and plastic flowers. These sculptures are intended to symbolically reverse regular processes of rejection and decay. Shit (which normally gets discarded and flushed away) is embraced as an object of beauty and value, archived as permanent remnants of my physical existence.

When I die, my body and I will be gone, but my shit will still be here, glowing from inside its crystal dome.

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