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14 - 22 April 2018


In the past, Kyneton was a booming industrial town. The butter factory, sawmill, Ajax Pumps foundry and the cotton mill (amoung others) were some of the town’s biggest employers. Today it is aged care.

For KCAT2018, I undertook an artist residency at Bupa Aged Care.


Over 18 months I conducted painting workshops and interviews with the residents to help draw out their personal stories of Kyneton’s industrial past.

I produced a series of photographic collages and videos that brought the residents’ memories back to life. These were displayed in public spaces around the town and inside the old Ajax Pumps foundry.

Each photographic work is a black and white print, hand-tinted into colour with the help of Bupa residents.

SOUND: by Zoë Barry
VIDEO ASSISTANCE: Catharine Robbins, Joaquim Bel & Sarah Rudlidge


This project was made possible through the support of the Victorian Government and Public Record Office Victoria.

Old Ajax Foundry, sound by Zoë Barry
Meal Time, accompanying sound work by Zoë Barry
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