I am a visual artist living in Mpartnwe, Arrernte Country (Central Australia).
I make photographs, paintings, videos and public installations.

My work uses colour and beauty and to make society’s hidden spaces more visible. By visually transforming these spaces,

I want to unravel the value systems that repress them and invite a more holistic acceptance of realities that Western society encourages us to avoid.






2014    Master Fine Art (Research), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2012    Bachelor Fine Art (Honours), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2010    Bachelor Fine Art (Painting), Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
2009    Semester exchange program, Monash University, Prato, Italy


2021    The New World, Dark MOFO Festival, Hobart, Australia

2018    KCAT2018 (Force Fields), Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial, Australia
            Topias IV, [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2017    Topias III, South West Healthcare Hospital, Warrnambool, Australia
2016    Topias II, Sunshine Art Spaces, Melbourne, Australia
            Topias I, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne, Australia
2015    WE ♥ ABATTOIR, GoGo Bar, Melbourne, Australia
2014    WE ♥ ABATTOIR, Next Wave Festival, The Substation and locations across Victoria
            Staged, curated by Kawita Vatanajyankur, The Ferry Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
            White Anaesthesia, curated by Moana Kidd, Wallflower Photomedia Gallery, Mildura, Australia


2018    National Works on Paper Prize, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Australia
2018    The Art of Collecting, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia
2018    The Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize, Brooke Street Pier, Hobart, Australia
2018    Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize, Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Melbourne, Australia
2017    Warp, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Australia
2017    An Unorthodox Flow of Images, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia
2017    Footscray Art Prize, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia
2017    ART150 9x5 Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2016    Cornocopia, curated by Anna Briers, Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton, Australia
2016    Genteel Notions, curated by Elle Ross, LON Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2016    Australian Life, Hyde Park, Art & About Sydney, Australia
2016    Drawing to an End, [MARS] Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2016    Carousel, curated by Arie Rain Glorie, Fringe Festival, Melbourne, Australia
2015    Apendice (aXolotl's Happiness), curated by Diego Ramirez, Interior 2.1, TRAMA Centro, Guadalajara, Mexico
2015    Linden Art Prize, Linden New Art, Melbourne, Australia
2015    Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Fellowship Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2015    Romance Died Romantically, curated by Amy Marjoram, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne, Australia
2015    Visiting Paradise, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr, Australia
2014    Future Now, Curated by Jessica Bridgfoot, Touring regional Victoria, Australia
2014    Marvel: The 2014 Windsor Prize, The Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
2014    The Substation Contemporary Art Prize, The Substation, Melbourne, Australia
2014    The Incinerator Award, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014    Groundup, Curated by Stephen Paton, N/A Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2013    White Soup and Weighty Air, Curated by Alevé Mei Loh, JAUS Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2013    Future Now, Curated by Jessica Bridgfoot, The Substation and touring regional Victoria
2013    The Worker’s Hidden Art Exhibition, Gippsland Heritage Park, Moe, Australia


2021    International Art Space Residency

2017    Artist in Residence, Bupa Aged Care Kyneton
2016    Artists in Schools Program, Boronia West Primary School, funded by Creative Victoria
2015    EmbedED Artist Residency, South West Healthcare Emergency Department, Warrnambool
2015    Studio Residency, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr, Victoria
2014    Mentorship with Ivan Durrant (ongoing)
2013    Kickstart Development Program, Next Wave, Melbourne, Australia
2011    Studio Residency, Space118, Mumbai, India


2018    Bayside Local Art Prize
2018    Judges' Commendation, Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize
2017    Touring Victoria Grant, through Creative Victoria
2017    Project Development Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
2016    Australian Artists' Grant, National Association of the Visual Arts
2016    Small Project Grant, Yarra Council
2015    Graduate Mentorship Scholarship, Melbourne University & Arts Victoria
2015    ArtStart Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
2014    JUMP Mentoring, Australia Council for the Arts
2014    National Gallery of Victoria Women's Association Award
2013    Australian Postgraduate Award
2013    Kickstart Funding, Next Wave
2013    Creative Young Stars Award, Australian Government
2012    Sterling Collective Award
2012    Substation Exhibition Award


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